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One Time Service with Multiple Treatments.

Single application / 5 year warranty 

3 Step Paint Correction includes clay, buff & polish.

Fabric Protection, Ceramic Interior Protectant, Ceramic Basecoat, Ceramic Topcoat Boost, Includes Full Service Car Wash 

MSRP $2950

Pre-owned, commercial, trade vehicles and non-program (product only) vehicles do not carry any warranties. See official warranty paperwork for specific warranties & program guidelines.

3 years of bi-annual service

6 applications total / 3 year warranty

Fabric Protection, Premium Paint Sealant, Interior Rehab Lotion, 

Includes Full Service Car Wash

MSRP $1499  

5 years of bi-annual service

10 applications total / 5 year warranty

Fabric Protection, Interior Rehab Lotion, Premium Paint Sealant,

Exterior Paint Ceramic Boost Overlay, 

Includes Full Service Car Wash 

MSRP $5080

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